by Jennifer McGregor

Good health is more than what we eat or how much we sleep. A balanced approach can be transformative and support broader health strategies. Here are simple steps that can be followed daily to achieve this balance.

Use Creativity

Unfortunately, it’s easy for us to prioritize responsibilities over exploring our creative urges. However, the health benefits that come with self-expression may have results similar to practicing meditation. In particular, it can take our minds off stress, make us feel better, and stimulate our brains. Of course, creativity has many forms, and it might take experimentation to find the perfect pastime. For instance, if you’d prefer a more guided approach, coloring books may be the solution. While you won’t be drawing from scratch, they can still be a creatively fun way to release stress through color.

Switch Off

Thanks to technology, it can seem like we are constantly on call, answering work emails or checking social media. Over time, that can stretch us thin and impact our whole being. Still, drastic measures aren’t necessary, as simply disabling notifications and using airplane mode are positive steps. To go one further, consider avoiding tech during certain hours, like dinner and especially before bedtime. Likewise, if your mood suffers when watching the news, it might be time to give it a rest. Yes, it’s good to stay informed, but that shouldn’t come at the cost of poor health or sleepless nights. So, look out for warning signs, and take breaks when needed.

Feel Joyful

The power of positivity really does benefit our health. In fact, even making it a habit to smile or dance can reduce stress and improve blood pressure. With that in mind, try to start your day with a smile, and dance whenever you want to. Similarly, laughter isn’t only infectious, it can be an effective tool to manage and relieve stress. Like smiling or dancing, you don’t need a reason to laugh, and the body itself can’t tell the difference between a genuine or fake one. Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go watch your favorite comedies or joke around with friends. By smiling, laughing, and dancing, you can give yourself a new perspective to uplift your whole being.

Prioritize Skin Care

When we think of good health, we might not think of skin care. Yet, our body’s largest organ is the first barrier we have against infections and UV rays. Moreover, healthy skin guards against dehydration while protecting our muscles and bones from harm. Given this, have a solid daily routine supported by quality skin products, to strengthen skin and prevent it from developing sensitivities. You could even have indulgent spa days by using your shower’s heat to create a steam room. Once that’s done, sit back and relax by making your own facial mask with avocado, honey, yogurt, and olive oil. Don’t forget to moisturize with a good body cream.

Turn Housework Into Fitness

We all want to be physically active, but it doesn’t have to take the form of non-stop gym sessions. Indeed, you could work out in the comfort of your own home, even while getting chores done. For instance, you could do squats while tidying up or perform lunges while you vacuum rooms. Even ironing is a form of workout, as an hour-long session can help burn off calories. As an added bonus, a clean home gives us an environment ideal for a healthier lifestyle. You’ll feel less stressed by the lack of clutter and can be better protected from all manner of allergens and germs.

Being healthy is a natural goal that can transform our lives. Yes, we need to eat and sleep well, but there are many more steps to achieve good physical and emotional health. They can be as simple as exploring creativity, taking breaks from tech, dancing around the room, nourishing your skin, and sneaking workouts into chores.

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