When I feel bombarded by my list of “to-do’s” or start “should-ing” all over myself I lose sight of what’s important – my truth or is it my Truth? As humanity is awakening to a higher calling & purpose for the planet & our children, personal truth is merging with Universal Truth. What does that mean? How do I access the truth when I’m busy & opinions abound? I find that taking the time to appreciate nature connects me back to truth, both big T & little t. Nature doesn’t lie. Even when we try to change or bulldoze over it, Nature does what it has been created to do when given the right circumstance and opportunity. We have all seen grass growing in sidewalks, bees creating hives in houses, or the tide washing up on the roadways. It’s Nature being true, being Authentic. When I’m trying to understand my truth and searching for authenticity, Nature is my greatest teacher. The bees that are sick because of environmental chemicals are the same chemicals that can make me sick. Likewise, all of the vitality & life force that flows through the Hau tree also flows within me. By consciously mirroring these Truths from Nature, I create the right circumstance & opportunity within me for my authentic expression. For what it means to be true or to know the truth, also means to be authentic. It’s why we are here, to be true, to be authentic in our purpose. By embracing the path of authenticity, we walk towards balance and harmony inside and out, just as Nature always finds the path to balance and harmony.

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