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I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2003, and have been on a mission to stay healthy and live a normal life. With so many ‘western’ medicines having a plethora of side effects that then require additional prescriptions to treat, it is crucially important to me to incorporate as many natural remedies as possible. But, I felt as though my supplement choices were a crap shoot, not to mention the cost of throwing money at a product that isn’t quite suited to my particular body chemistry. There are so many vitamins, herbs, and brands available; how does one choose? Then I met Dr Chandy Lopes. I instantly felt that I had a true advocate for my health. She listed intently to every detail of my health history, lifestyle, and emotional issues. Her in-depth knowledge gave me peace of mind that I was finally creating a natural health plan that was 100% effective and suited to my personal situation. I’ve seen a stabilization in my lupus, and flare ups are fewer and farther between. My energy level has increased and I feel in control of my body.


Maui, Hawaii

I see Dr. Lopes as my primary care physician. I grew tired of my previous doctor prescribing antibiotics for every single ailment, cold, spider bite, you name it. This past winter I came down with a nasty cold, that just got worse and worse. I was ready to call the doctor, ready for another order of antibiotics for, which I was sure was the infamous sinus infection. But, thankfully, a friend recommended that I see a naturopathic physician. Upon their advice, I called Dr Lopes. She examined me and wrote down the names of 5 different herbs to be taken in the form of tincture. I was amazed, when on the 4th day, I suddenly felt good as new. No antibiotics, no probiotics for the belly after, just natural soothing herbs! I was ecstatic from the results! I now recommend Dr. Lopes to all of my friends.

Maui Resident


I LOVE THE BIOTE. I feel great, I have energy, I feel 20 years younger!


Lahaina, Hawaii

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